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Very Private Consultation Package

Pursuing business success can stress your personal life… I can help.

Whether you want to find the perfect life partner, or fix your current situation…Whether you want to keep the flame of a great connection burning for years to come, or survive a divorce with confidence, dignity, and a vision for your future… I know what to do (and not do) and I can help you. 

Let me ask you a question…

Do your relationships start out great, but lose their sparkle after a few months?  Or maybe it’s been like that for years.

Maybe you are wondering, if there is more to love than just sharing a king-sized bed!  Do you feel taken for granted, uninspired… maybe even resentful or drained dry by a relationship?

With my Very Private Consultation Package you will discover how to:

  • INSPIRE his desire to earn your love
  • CLAIM your voice, have healthy conflict and influence when it counts the most
  • RE-AWAKEN intimacy and claim your place in his heart, become a real team


With my Very Private Consultation Package:

Dissolve anger, resentment, frustration.  Stop living with a sense of isolation.  Instead, learn what it takes to make him unable to resist falling more in love with you day after day.  Realize how to create that tender connection which makes a man feel he doesn’t want to mess this up!  

Learn to create an environment that supports:

  • Authentic expression of feelings, desires, needs
  • Assuming responsibility for actions, behaviors, swerving emotions
  • Humor into tough situations
  • Honesty and integrity which builds trust over time; which cheat-proofs your bond
  • Freedom to be yourself… Acceptance on all levels
  • And heck, he may even run the vacuum… And do the laundry!

And implement all this into your own life right now.  The result:

When you ask, “How do I feel about myself in this relationship?”… the answer will be, “Powerful!  Loved!  Heard!  Secure!  I feel happy and supported in my endeavors in the world… encouraged to be who I was meant to be!”

 “Give me a few hours and I’ll walk you through my simple, step-by-step system and show you how to have a dazzling, magical relationship with a man… which includes of course, intimate connection, influence and love.”

                                                               -Gladys Marie Clancy-


Dear Soon-To-Be Adored Woman:

Does this sound familiar? 

Maybe you’re divorced. Its 6 p.m. on a Monday evening. You’ve just finished the first long day of a long week of working… to keep things going for your family. The kids are loud and hungry. Homework still needs to be checked.

You begin dinner. Gazing across the kitchen, you think about that uncomfortable marriage you left, that feeling of being minimized and talked over… that helpless feeling of not knowing how to influence a change.

You wonder if you will ever have the love you know you deserve. Then thinking further, you silently say to yourself, “Who has the energy for all that searching and sorting… for all those pointless conversations that this requires. Why can’t Mr. Right just show up in my world?” …

“I’m smart, good-looking, successful, and fun! So why do I have so much trouble finding a desirable man?” (And how come other women have been so agile as they faced all this? How did they survive? No… how did they actually thrive through this kind of mess? And I can’t even get a decent date!)

At that moment you get a sinking feeling as you realize that your divorce took from you, more than just half your stuff. It took a bit of your spark, a piece of your confidence, a slice of your hope.

Or maybe you are married. You have so much love in your heart to share, but real intimacy somehow eludes you. You long for attention, enthusiasm, affection… for influence, devotion, for meaningful, authentic conversations.

Doesn’t it mystify you to see someone less attractive, less successful, less smart, less generous and certainly less funny, with an adoring, attentive, devoted man? (Your mind muses… What about that somewhat plain gal who married that wonderful guy, because he found her intriguing!  How did she pull that off?  And then there’s that high-maintenance babe who puts her own needs first and has her man clambering, scrambling to please her… Yet after all I give, I get an impatient, nasty tone of voice!)

You may be thinking, “I’m the one carrying the load here… I’m the one who’s the most emotionally invested in the outcome of this relationship… I’m pretty, smart, generous, caring and I have a lot of love to share!  Why can’t I figure out how to use all this to create a marvelous marriage like these women?”

It’s frustrating… you decide to go to bed, miserable.

Next day: Tuesday 

It’s early morning.  Committed to solving this mystery, you call a friend who understands this sort of thing, to get direction on where to start.

“Well,” she says, “Guru X says you should buy some new lingerie.  Guru Y says, “Tell it like it is! Don’t let him use you for a doormat.”

“Then there’s the guru who says, “Just think positive and you’ll know what to do… you don’t need any help – you can figure this all out yourself.  It’s easy!”

Your acquaintance rambles on at the other end of the phone line, while your mind starts racing with thoughts. Thoughts like:

  • “This is really hard. Maybe I should just go to Macy’s and see what they have in skimpy sleepwear, like they say… (But what if he’s still not attracted?)
  • Or maybe I should tell him that I’m not going to take his nasty tone of voice and impatience anymore. And if he doesn’t give me more attention I’m leaving! (But where would I go?)
  • Or maybe the Law of Attraction will magically make things better without my needing to do anything but wishful thinking.” (But I’m not even clear on what “better” would look like.)

Then you really start spinning… “Skimpy sleepwear, forceful threats, wishful thinking… Details, details, details!  I don’t even know where to start!  How do these people inspire passion, devotion, kindness like crazy… How do they have such influence?”

Scary stuff, huh?


There’s a problem here and no one’s talking about it. I mean, do you really care HOW you’re going to develop a great relationship until you know WHAT you want this relationship to look like?

When you build a house, do you go out, buy all the windows, lumber and start setting the foundation and then draw the blueprint? I don’t think so.

This is also a basic tenant of happiness, yet NO ONE is teaching it! (Except me.) First things first… You need to create a blueprint which expresses what you want, before you can build it.

Of course you want to develop an authentic, committed bond that allows vulnerability, promotes self-assurance, and puts more affection in your life.

You’ve thought over and over again about creating a compassionate and passionate connection…only to find an exhausting dead end.

You’ve read books, attended seminars, consulted with experts and you just don’t know who or what to believe anymore, so you finally throw up your hands in defeat:

“Can Someone Please Tell Me Where to Start… How to Bring Joy Into My Life?

Let’s get real. You know you need love to really feel alive, don’t you?  If you’re like most women, you started your search because:

  • You have love in your heart that you want to share.
  • You’re looking for a way to fill your life with authentic emotions… with authentic conversations and a respect-filled, warm connection.
  • You want a way to create the ease of devotion, the comfort of commitment. (without trying so hard!)
  • You want to be your own person (not controlled!), to be adored (not bored), to have more pleasure and more fun.

And now here you are, working long hours every day (with little time or energy to go looking for love), feeling more like an outsider than someone familiar with the freedom of following her bliss. And no matter how hard you try to do the right thing, it’s just not working out.

…You’ve even thought about forgetting this “pipedream” altogether.

…But the allure of love stays on your mind.

You HAVE to have love.

You’re right! I agree. And I have a confession to make.

For several years, I have been secretly behind the scenes helping people just like you organize their thinking, and develop their own blueprint to bring them bliss.

It’s time I came out of the closet to help YOU get your dreams out there.

Are you like so many smart but overwhelmed women? Do you want:

  • To stop chasing love and start turning your qualities into authentic, intimate connection?
  • To get the focus, direction and clarity you need to build a love-filled relationship in the shortest amount of time?
  • To eliminate frustration because you don’t know where to start?
  • To banish overwhelm and finally create a concrete plan to live a life you can love?
  • To make a big impact with your authenticity and genuineness?
  • And do you want to uncover YOUR personal blueprint for success in all this?

The fact is… if you are frustrated more days than not… if you are overwhelmed by the search for the ideal man…or from trying to reconstruct the man you have… if you feel like you’re not making progress towards a real connection… SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG!

If the thought of Appreciating Men is painful for you… relax, it’s not your fault.  And there IS a better way!

I’ve heard the same story of overwhelm, confusion and frustration from hundreds of other women. Truthfully, I’ve been there myself. 

You’re not alone. In fact, did you know… 

  • The divorce rate in America as of 2009 was 50%… Today it’s up to 58%!
  • The divorce rate for first marriages in the U.S. is around 41%.
  • For second marriages, the divorce rate is over 60%
  • For 3rd marriages it is as high as 73%

The statistics are stacked against you… Is it any wonder why so many relationships fail… It’s almost expected in our society!

The truth is, just because you’re smart, attractive, funny, and kind… doesn’t mean your words will have intentional impact on a man… doesn’t mean your relationship will grow and deepen or that you will be protected from feeling invalidated and uncomfortable.

You can find all sorts of places to help you achieve a strong, joyful connection… eBooks, CD programs, seminars, coaches, counselors, but nobody is showing you how to truly build bliss into your daily life, year after year. They give you a small piece of the puzzle (and promise the world)…but it’s only a fraction of the big picture.

Now what?

So while it’s not your fault, it IS your responsibility to decide whether you are going to be a failed statistic, or a success.

You pick. The decision is completely yours.

I Have Not Always Been an Expert in All This… In Fact I Spent Years Struggling to Figure It Out.

I remember way back after my divorce when I was trying to rebuild a new life…

I was crushed and embarrassed as I “came home to momma” and collapsed on her couch. I was skinny from not eating… exhausted from not sleeping. And I had two active kindergarten-age kids in tow… twin boys.

I had suffered the humiliation of discovering that after years of marriage, my love and devotion held little value for my husband.

But I couldn’t just crawl in a hole and die… I had two children depending on me to survive this. No, they were depending on me to thrive! I had to thrive… to pick myself up and figure out my next move, but I had no idea what to do about the pain, confusion, and sense of loss.

That Began My Hunt for the Secret Formula…

I searched for a way to successfully navigate the landscape and landmines of love and relationships… a way to juggle the demands of motherhood, a successful career, find Mr. Right and build a strong bond!

I read books, listened to recordings, sought out experts, attended seminars and talked with friends.

And despite all my efforts… it wasn’t a straight path to success… As I attempted to find Mr. Right, I found myself making the same mistakes again… repeating the same old patterns:

  • Attracting Mr. Wrong
  • Not expecting my boundaries and expectations to be respected
  • Giving away my power… giving up who I am piece by piece

I found myself living the same disappointments and frustrations… the same reasons I had left my marriage in the first place.

So What Was Really Going On Here?  I Wanted Change.  I Was Ready.

But I kept going round and round… I couldn’t seem to make any forward progress and didn’t know how to break free.

I did not give up! The stakes were too high. My happiness depended on getting this right! By now I knew it was an inside job. I knew I had to become whole if I was ever going to attract someone whole.  I did not give up until it finally became clear!  After a few years I got remarried to a great guy.  We’ve been married for over 16 years now.

I wish I had known years ago what I know today about finding the right man and building a wonderful connection… But YOU can shortcut your success, avoid my mistakes, and literally develop your personal plan in a fraction of the time.

Now I am offering a Very Private Consultation Package…

What are the Secrets Revealed in this Private Training?

In this very private setting, you receive a powerful Guidebook… a resource women come to treasure!  I will gently expand your understanding with very personal stories.  Exercises help you process the information and make it your own.

I will hold your hand and walk you through 7 Sassy Woman Steps…

  • So you come out whole… and know you can attract wholeness into your relationship
  • So you don’t give up who you are piece by piece… until you don’t even know who you are anymore
  • So you don’t repeat the same patterns… and end up in the same type of uncomfortable situation
  • So you learn how being not doing, inspires the love you desire

You Will Learn How To:

Finally understand the MALE-MINDSET around Commitment and Love.

  • Learn how to unmask the mystery… and use this understanding as your Point of Power
  • Learn to create that Tender Connection which makes a man feel he doesn’t want to mess this up!

Gain CLARITY… Get to the heart of the matter.

  • Identify what you are not willing to tolerate in a relationship… and what really want instead! Imagine shifting from victim to victorious… Well, the first step is to know what that would look like, and these insightful exercises will get you there! Remember, you deserve to be cherished.
  • Understand why you believe you can’t have what you want… and what you can do about that! Imagine being free from the fickle heart of fate, from the grip of Limiting Beliefs and the obstruction of Unconscious Barriers which are causing chaos on your outcomes. Picture your destiny being driven by NEW Empowering Images, which now make up your operating system. 

Uncover Your Own Bottom Line… Then INSPIRE him to treat you like a princess! Learn SKILLS:

  • For establishing BOUNDARIES, so you don’t end up feeling deceived or mistreated again. Do you want loyalty, honesty, integrity? Of course you do! I mean what’s the point, if trust is not the foundation of your relationship? It’s like building a house on quicksand. And what would it be like to have a kind, gentle, supportive, solid man in your life?
  • For setting EXPECTATIONS… so you don’t end up feeling deprived or denied again. Imagine having him want, what you most want to give.  Imagine him helping you in the kitchen… vacuuming… helping with the kids? How about a romantic date once a week? This skill can become your genie in a bottle!

Claim Your Voice and Have Intentional Impact… with a SCRIPT for HEALTHY CONFLICT.

  • How would your relationship feel if things that bothered you got resolved?
  • Just imagine conflict as productive not destructive… as an inspiration for passion. Yes I said conflict as an inspiration for more passion in your relationship!  You might be thinking… “How is that possible?” You will learn how in this Very Private Consultation.

Expect Love  

  • Know that it’s YOUR RIGHT to walk into a relationship and expect to be loved, expect to be honored, cherished and adored.
  • Imagine being at a party filled with beautiful women, and he only has eyes for you.

Take-On Total Intimacy… 

  • Understand WHAT MEN REALLY NEED… HOW THEY REALLY THINK.  Learn how to be an aphrodisiac for your man… How to claim your place in his heart.
  • How to KEEP a good man… to Cheat-Proof your relationship!  Stop being the one holding things together.  Inspire him to want to earn your devotion… Get him to court you well into the relationship.

In this Very Private Consultation Package… you will learn how to harness the magic of R-E-S-P-E-C-T, as you explore these 7 Sassy Woman Steps to Appreciating Men!

R… Step #1- Refuse Uncomfortable Relationships

E… Step #2- Examine the Possibilities

S… Step #3- Stop Feeling Deceived

P… Step #4- Put the Freedom of Forgiveness in Your Heart

E… Step #5- Expect Love

C… Step #6- Communicate Without Pain

T… Step #7- Take-On Total Intimacy


If your answer is yes… figure out how to make it happen and register now.  Your life is worth the investment.

And think, what would be the cost of not doing this… to your happiness, to your stress level, to your valuable time and energy?  Do you really want to waste yet another precious year waiting and hoping that something will change?  Do you really want to continue investing your energy into uncertainty and disappointment?

If you don’t love your current reality… then learn to create a reality you do love with this powerful Very Private Consultation Package, for Sassy Woman’s Guide to Appreciating Men!  Find yourself… Find love!

Listen to what people are saying about this program… Sassy Woman’s Guide to Appreciating Men!

I came knowing I was attracting what I did NOT want, lacking the clarity of why. Working with Gladys helped me uncover the limiting beliefs driving my subconscious behavior and being my point of attraction.  NOW I can replace those thoughts and powerfully create the ideal relationship for me!  I feel empowered… certain and excited to experience true love, passion, and harmony in my romantic relationship. Tasha Chen  Chief Inspiration Officer

“If you are a professional woman searching for the perfect relationship, get this program!”   Nancy Boyle, Palm Beach Chapter President, National Association of Professional Women

“Gladys has broken down the Law of Attraction so that you can finally understand and use the power of Inspired Action at any time.”  Kristen Howe , Law of Attraction Key Magazine-  Manifest Everything Now Series-

“If you want to understand and really appreciate men… and attract that relationship into your life, this is a must program!  Use these principles, to truly live a life you love.”  Stephanie Frank, Best Selling Author, The Accidental Millionaire,

“I work with contractors, definitely a male-energy industry.  After working with Gladys I suddenly had more influence, leadership, and intentional impact in my business as well as home.”  Rose L.,

“Audrey Hepburn said, ‘Nothing is impossible.’ The word itself says, ‘I’m possible!’ Gladys’ program underscores this same belief and shows participants how to make their personal dreams possible right now.”  Linda Claire Puig, CEO, Ready2GoArticles,

“As a Family and Life Coach, I know the devastation which divorce can bring, both emotionally and financially.  The divorce rate has now reached 58%.  Gladys’ program offers real hope to change that statistic.  Gladys is amazing”.  Sue Dockerill, Founder- Life Works Parenting Tools, Director- International Network for Children and Families

“For years I searched and searched for answers trying to find out why I couldn’t have happiness in my life… wondering if something was wrong with me.  I now feel like the fog has lifted.  I am clear about what went wrong.  I feel poised and self-assured, confident in my own ability to choose wisely and equipped to create the life of my dreams with a man.  Alicia C., Salon Owner

“I wanted to find love again.  Yet, men who seemed like Mr. Right at first kept turning into Mr. Wrong!  Over and over, the same untrustworthy guy kept showing up in a different body, with a different name.  Now I am suddenly meeting great guys.”  Lois N., Retired owner of gift shop in Hawaii.

“From my first conversation with Gladys, her wisdom stopped me right in my tracks.  I instantly got a hint of what had to change… I immediately knew I needed her program to move my life forward in the direction I wanted to go.”  CeCe Espeut, Photography & Video

“I came out of curiosity about how men think… Yet I left with so much more!  Even my often difficult relationship with my mother, dramatically improved as I applied the concepts in this program.”  Suzanne Lieurance,

“After two marriages and two a terrible divorces, and years of not being able to develop a healthy relationship… I convinced myself that I didn’t want a serious relationship with a man, even though I had no problem attracting men.  I was raised in the old U.S.S.R. and I had no role model for creating real closeness.  Through Sassy Woman’s Guide to Appreciating Men, I gained the awareness I needed.  Then everything shifted!  Suddenly, I am meeting and being introduced to wonderful men.  I had 5 dates in 5 weeks, with 5 great guys!  Choices… Choices!!”  Olga R., Realtor CIPS,


About Gladys Marie:

For over 35 years, Gladys has been committed to promoting happy relationships and healthy families.  She has helped 1,000’s of men, women and children go from frustrated, disillusioned and confused, to living the empowered life they desire.

Spent 8 years working for the US Air Force in Germany, building relationships with commanders and even the general in charge of NATO Operations in Europe… Taught in the inner-city… Developed programs for a psychiatric hospital… Helped people reinvent themselves… Found solutions for persons in financial crisis… Helped people go through divorce with peace and dignity… Helped professionals find, keep and enjoy a happy, healthy relationship. 

Has been seen on the Divorce Connection Network, as well as Plumb Talk Women, been heard on WOW Wednesday Radio-Women’s Prosperity Network, published column in Sibyl Magazine, and done countless workshops which have profoundly changed lives.

With over 35 years of experience under her belt, Gladys has a vast knowledge and an arsenal of relationship-building techniques.  Considered by many to be the expert voice of relationship best practices, she reduces complex issues to step-by-step systems and teaches participants immediately implementable steps… to take in their relationships, and their lives to the next level.

Most importantly, she is sought out because her techniques work!  A true advocate for the power of communication success, Gladys is passionate about helping women become happy and empowered in their relationships.

Gladys’ simple and “straight to the point” tactics are embraced by women around the world.  The techniques described in this program have helped women find great men and keep them!  They have saved marriages, inspired a new level of commitment, and created pure joy in the relationships of countless women

If you have a question about building a life you can love…or about crisis-proofing the happy life you have, then contact me for a complementary chat. (772) 485-5597

This Very Private Consultation Package is available now! 

Do you want to feel confident, poised, and equipped to create the relationship you really want… without going into battle… without giving up who you are piece by piece? Now, with this Very Private Consultation Package, you can learn how to:  Inspire a man to want to EARN your love!   Arouse his deep devotion… Create the tender emotional connection men crave.  Now you can enjoy a relationship filled with passion, surprise and adventure.  Yes, I believe in you Sassy Woman… You can do this!

CONTACT ME for more information on this life-changing experience.

“Things may happen around you… and things may happen to you,

but the only things that really count are the things that happen in you.”

Elsie Robinson


Our (3) Programs… Create Change from the Inside Out

1-      Turning Point Program

  • Bring your 3 Biggest CONCERNS and we will RESOLVE them.
  • 1 month / (4) 2-hour phone sessions
  • Recordings of your private phone sessions
  • Written material each week / Emails in between sessions
  • This program will work as long as you work with me… EXPECTED:
  • Come to every call
  • Do the exercises
  • Be very honest


2-      Gaining Momentum Program

  • Skills and strategies… Actual implementation tools for building a life you love!
  • 2 months/ (8) 2-hour phone sessions
  • Recordings of your private phone sessions
  • Online course (unlimited, permanent access to 8 hours of videos… each presented in 10-15 minute segments)
  • 90-page Guidebook
  • Text access to me in between sessions.


3-      Enjoying Freedom Program-

  • I will be with you every step of the way!
  • Includes both the Turning Point Program and the Gaining Momentum Program (8 foundational lessons)… PLUS (8 advanced lessons).
  • 4 months/ (16) 2-hour phone sessions
  • Recordings of your private phone sessions
  • Online course (unlimited, permanent access to 8 hours of videos… each presented in 10-15 minute segments)
  • 90-page Guidebook
  • Phone and text access to me in between sessions.

 Programs for Couples and Custom Programs are also available.

My simple and “straight to the point” tactics are embraced by women around the world.  The techniques described in this program have helped women find great men and keep them!  They have saved marriages, inspired a new level of commitment, and created pure joy in the relationships of countless women.   Claim this for yourself!

CONTACT ME for more information on this life-changing experience.