The secret of change…

 is to focus all your energy,

not on fighting the old,

but on building the new.



Let me explain… A caterpillar steps into the next best version of itself in the present moment.  It must shed the past in order to spread its wings and soar!

Yes, all change occurs in the present moment.  Seems easy enough, but maybe you are feeling baffled by blocks to peace, love, influence, harmony.  You feel angry about the past, uncertain about the future.

OK, stop.  Just stop for a moment and take a deep, slow breathe.  Bring your awareness to this present moment by noticing yourself breathing.  Allow your shoulders to sink, your neck to relax. Feel the weight of it all slide right off your back.

Relaxing a bit allows self-reflection.  Remember Socrates… Do you see that right now all your energy is focused on ‘fighting the old”, with no plan for “building the new”?

You want change, you want to evolve past this uncomfortable situation, yet you are working against the Law of Evolution by staying stuck in the past, and living in fear of the future.  You can’t implement change in the past or the future.

Let me ask you a question… “So what do you want?”  What positive outcome would make your heart sing right now?

  • Play with that question… Dance with the images that come to your mind!
  • Suspend judgment and simply ask yourself, “What if… What if I could?  What would be my next step right here, right now?”
  • Take some action today… One small act in support of yourself can change the entire flight and trajectory of your life.

You go Sassy Woman… Socrates would be proud!

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