All of my unconscious fears were in my face, about letting go of the current identity.

A lot of the thoughts that came up were fear-based and false, so I had to work to let them go.

–Alanis Morissette-

Yes, unconscious fear plagues big stars as well as those of us seeking to shine here on earth…

Many life challenges are the result of your mind trying to deal with the unconscious fear of not being good enough, by:

  •  COMPENSATING- Trying to offset, counterbalance, and make up for the shortcomings of not being good enough.

Result:  Lack of confidencebeing uncertain, overly submissive, procrastinating, indecisive; feeling unworthy, tentative, apprehensive, hesitant.

  •  COVERING IT UP- Trying to whitewash, plot, conspire, scheme and smokescreen the fear that you are not good enough.

Result: Loss of innocence being sneaky, cheating, trying to beat the system; feeling guilty, insecure, inadequate.

  •  CONTRARIAN BEHAVIOR– Trying to show you don’t care; defending against what is not even there… It’s not true, you know, that you are not good enough.  

Result: Leaning towards conflictbeing contrary, controlling, uncooperative, obstinate, defiant, blaming, ill-mannered, disrespectful, and unkind; feeling rebellious, resentful, and angry.


All of these responses are:  The opposite of self-assured, bold, inspired actions- 

which breed certainty, healthy relationships, and abundant success.

All of these responses are:  Defenses against the truth that-

You are good enough just as you are

After all you are an individualized expression of the same evolving energy that created the universe. Your perfection exists right in the middle of your own personal evolution.

Life is not always about ease; it’s about growth, change, stepping into the next phase…

with grace and dignity…with faith that things are unfolding exactly as they should, no matter what it looks like right now!


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