Do you move through your day in frantic activity, believing you will save time, accomplish more and then be rewarded with financial well-being?  Are you approaching life from the dangerous habit of hectic?

Hectic stimulates “fight or flight” responses… Constant hectic means constant stress.

Dr Mercola Newsletter 11/22/10, states: “Your autonomic nervous system controls over 90 percent of your body’s functions.  You name it – your heart, your circulation, your breathing, your digestive, and even your reproductive and endocrine functions depend upon a smoothly operating autonomic nervous system”…

Your nervous system “responds to stimuli – especially stress and emotional upset – and revs into action with ‘fight or flight’ responses. Your blood pressure increases, your heart beats faster, and your digestion slows down”…

“Your body must be able to shift effortlessly… to ease the effects of stress, and recover from injury and illness.  This shift does not easily occur in a frenzied, stressful pace of life.”   The hectic habit can tax an already overloaded nervous system.

“This constant state of stress – physical, mental, and emotional – takes its toll!”   As a result, you can begin to see a negative spiral effect on your body:

  • Neuromuscular tension develops throughout your body
  • High levels of cortisol pulse through your blood and tissues
  • Your immune system may not function as well as it otherwise would
  • Nutrient and energy stores become depleted.”

So, how do you break the hectic habit?  It’s all in how you see yourself… and that’s something you control!

1)   See yourself giving up the flawed premise that hectic has a direct correlation to efficiency and successful performance.

2)   See yourself having clarity.  If there is something you don’t like occurring in your life… then think, “So, what do I want!”  Write it down and expect your good.

3)   See yourself organized.  Plan your day the night before. (Include time for spiritual reading, exercise, enjoying meals, and sleep.)

4)   See yourself abundant.  Afford yourself the luxury of enough time to move from one activity to the next, with ease. (Pay now or pay later)

5)   See yourself responsible.  We all have the same 24 hours.  To gain more time, make better choices… Turn off the TV and go for a walk, go to bed early, get up early, eat on the patio, listen to soothing music throughout the day.

6)   See yourself relaxed.  Give yourself a 5-minute break every hour.  This improves focus, memory and problem solving. Take a deep breath, stretch, and for 5 minutes let go of the cramp in your head! Make yourself tea and look at a magazine. Then go back at it refreshed after your mini breather.

7)   See yourself happy. Remember to smile… even when talking on the phone.  People feel it and so do you!

It doesn’t take much to change the direction of your well-being and performance … In fact, in 21 days this can become your new habit!

As you give up struggle, you also give up resistance to the presence of your own abundance and prosperity.  You begin to realize you don’t have to grapple to grow!  You surrender to your own joy and fulfillment!

I want to hear from you!

  • How does hectic show up in your life?
  • How do you keep it at bay?
  • How did using any of these tips impact the quality of your day!

This article was part-3 in a three part series… Be sure to read all three parts in sequence… and let me know which thoughts intrigued you… what was of value… which ideas will you implement!

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