Did your parents tell you that if you work hard…and overcome the struggles along the way…that you would prosper?  How’s that working for you?

Do you still believe that success requires that you work harder… that you move faster, in order to acquire the money and financial security you desire… struggle longer, with more effort, in order to have the life you want to live?

Why don’t we examine this premise, together?  Maybe, just maybe there might be an easier way… a more direct path!  First, let’s begin by giving credit where credit is due!  Your mother was right when she said you were a bundle of energy!

Quantum physics verifies that you are in fact, simply a bundle of vibrating energy… In fact, everything is vibrating energy… your loyal dog, the most comfortable chair, your favorite dessert, even your thoughts… all vibrating energy.

Quantum physics also discovered that when you break down the elements of physical matter… the smallest particles that exist, quarks (much, much smaller than atoms) are affected by thought.  The direction they move in…even what they actually become is dramatically influenced by thought.

Based on this information…it might be a good idea to stand guard at the gate of your mind… and mouth!  The bible says, “Every word that shall come from thy mouth shall not return unto you void.”  Now we have the world of science explaining how this happens… It happens by law.

Quantum physics has also uncovered that… vibration attracts like vibration.  And remember…you are bundle of vibrating energy!  You have a vibration and your thoughts change that vibration, minute by minute.

Have you ever experienced anything like this?  You wake up and stub your toe hard as you get out of bed… The pain and upset causes you to spill your coffee all over your beige pants…

Then changing your clothes makes you late for the morning meeting and you miss your time to speak… which makes you mad and you have fight with the committee chairman.  Things just seem to keep going downhill all day…

And just when you think it couldn’t get any worse… coming home, you get caught in the congestion of a traffic accident, which means you are an hour late picking up your child from daycare!

Finally, that night, you fall into bed…thinking, “Boy, I had a terrible day!”  Your mind ruminates…and as you mentally relive every miserable minute of this miserable day… you are again, giving off a bad vibe.  You know this because your dog walked into the room… picked up on that vibe and ran right under the bed.

Actually dogs are very attuned to vibration.  Dogs can sense when someone is scared or angry… mean or friendly.  And they react accordingly… by growling, biting, or licking!  Vibrations attract like vibrations, even for dogs!

But people can also sense vibration… Have you ever walked into a room and felt you could cut the air with a knife. You could literally feel the bad vibes.  Then someone walked in and for some unexplained reason, you got a good vibe from them.

Thoughts are vibrating energy… and vibration attracts like vibration.  You may be wondering what your vibration is… Well, take a look around you and you will see… your environment and circumstances are a perfect match to your vibration!  Wondering what your vibration is around money? Just look in your wallet!

If you don’t like what you see, then the first thing to do is to get real clear on what you do want!

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This article was part-1 in a three part series… Be sure to read all three parts in sequence… and let me know which thoughts intrigued you… what was of value… which ideas will you implement!

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