Look at your relationships with men. Do you see a reason for joy or cause for distress?  

Take charge! If you don’t love the life you live… create a life you can love!

  • Claim your voice… Have influence and intentional impact when it counts the most

  • Get things resolved through healthy conflict that is productive not destructive

  • Have your expectations met… your boundaries respected

  • Inspire an emotional environment that fosters tender connection… Learn how to claim your place in his heart

  • Re-awaken your man’s juices… Learn how to be an aphrodisiac for your man

In Sassy Woman’s Guide to Appreciating Men, we will use the acronym R-E-S-P-E-C-T… to explore the 7 Sassy Steps that can lead you to your Dream Relationship! 

R… #1- Refuse Uncomfortable Relationships

E… #2- Examine the Possibilities

S… #3- Stop Feeling Deceived

P… #4- Put the Freedom of Forgiveness In Your Heart

E… #5- Expect Love

C… #6- Communicate Without Pain

T… #7- Take-On Total Intimacy

You will learn a lot about men, but even more importantly, you will learn a lot about yourself:

  • What you’re not willing to tolerate any more
  • What you really want instead
  • Why it’s not already in your world
  • And how to get!

Join me on this exciting journey… Find yourself… Find love!


 Gladys Marie Clancy           772 485-5597           gladys@sassywomansguide.com