Webster defines guide as “to indicate direction”… “to lead the way”.

  • A Sassy Woman’s Guide is intended “to indicate direction”, but not a specific destination… After all, life is a constant flow of events and people, of feelings and emotions.
  • A Sassy Woman’s Guide is meant “to lead the way” and establish a powerful tone for traversing each stretch of your life… supporting you to move forward with confidence and clarity on whatever rocky road or smooth path you happen find yourself at the moment.
  • A Sassy Woman’s Guide leads you to find joy… to seek success… to experience balance right now, no matter what circumstance you are facing.
  • A Sassy Woman’s Guide allows you to claim your voice, and use it to have intentional impact.
  • A Sassy Woman’s Guide helps you have real connection and create authentic, intimate relationships.
  • A Sassy Woman’s Guide strengthens you to take charge of your destiny, and create a life you truly love.


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