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Sassy Woman Relationship Club

So, you’ve completed the 7-Step Program… for Sassy Woman’s Guide to Appreciating Men!

Armed with your new insights you confidently head off to meet your man.  You implement what you learned and quickly get a warm, loving response.  Wow!  It seems like magic… Then something goes wrong.

You forget your new-found wisdom and things suddenly start to spiral downward. You feel lost and confused… You can’t seem to find you way back to bliss.  In the dark of night, you search your mind for answers, “I did this… He did that… Now what?”  You wish you had someone to help you sort this out.

I’m introducing the Sassy Woman Relationship Club.

Here’s why I think you should join:

You will have a private, secret space to share your relationship story… a confidential coach to help you when it’s not working, so you can safely implement and go deeper in your understanding of these ideas.

Learn to create an environment that supports:

  • Authentic expression of feelings, desires, needs
  • Assuming responsibility for actions, behaviors, swerving emotions
  • Humor into tough situations
  • Honesty and integrity which builds trust over time; which cheat-proofs your bond
  • Freedom to be yourself… Acceptance on all levels
  • Support for your endeavors in the world; encouragement to be who you were meant to be in this world.
  • And heck, he may even run the vacuum… And do the laundry!

Here’s how it will work. 

This will be an on-going group.  We will meet twice per month for a 90-minute conference call, where you can ask any question that has come up as you executed the ideas and insights presented in the Full-Day Workshop.

  • You will have a safe environment to learn how to appreciate men… a protected place to discover with others in the same situation as you.
  • You will learn from the stories of other women, what is working… not working… and why!
  • Imagine having your own confidential coach to guide you and keep you on-track as you create the relationship of your dreams… for just $50 a month!
  • BONUS- Private Facebook Group just for members.
  • BONUS- 40-Day Prosperity Plan

Reserve your spot now!

I look forward to sharing your journey!  It’s going to be fun!!

Warmest Regards,

Gladys Marie Clancy

(772) 485-5597