Part 1- Don’t Allow Divorce to Rattle You at the Roots

Love is the source of good that already exists within every person and every situation… and yet sometimes you just can’t seem to access that love.  You can’t feel it, can’t give it, and you just can’t try anymore.  Divorce becomes the obvious next step.

Getting a divorce ranks right up there with the top life changes that rattle you at the roots.  Having a vision for your future removes the fear that so often accompanies stepping into the unknown… You now know!  You know in your mind, in your heart, in your soul that you are going to be OK.  With your vision you can see it!

This clarity calms you at the core… reduces resistance to make agreements because you know where you want go, and what you need to get there.  You know what your new life looks like and divorce is now seen as part of the path to get there. Divorce is no longer a blame-game.  Peace becomes possible again.

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