Sassy Woman’s Guide to Appreciating Men!  

7 Small Steps to Big Success in Relationships

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Now you may be thinking, “Appreciating men? No thanks, not at the moment!” But I assure you, personal power and influence are the outcome, here!

There is a big difference between finding a date and finding a life partner… and after you find him, knowing how to navigate conflict, build intimacy, and cheat-proof your bond.

You know how to make them listen in the boardroom… but what about at home?

Have you had trouble in your relationships with men?  Have you ever felt dismissed, disregarded, disempowered?  Do you feel frustrated because you can’t find, hold-on to and enjoy relationships?  AND did you know that your primary relationship affects your respect and your career path?  The divorce rate is now 58%.  I can show you how to impact the odds. This program is about teaching you how to have a great relationship with a man.  Yet the results are far-reaching and can help women save marriages, climb the career ladder, be happier, healthier, and be more dynamic leaders.

Here’s just some of what you will learn:

  • Why men think different than women… and how to make that your point of power
  • How to inspire a man to want to earn your devotion
  • What to do to make sure your man doesn’t cheat on you
  • How to effortlessly get what you really want without going into battle
  • How to have influence and intentional impact when it counts the most
  • And… discover the secret to ever-lasting happiness

When you have a relationship that works for you, you will find that your lifestyle becomes everything you desire.

By becoming the Sassy Woman defined in this program:

  • You immediately increase your happiness
  • You receive more understanding than ever before
  • You can have healthy conflict which deepens your relationships
  • You can have higher expectations met, and clearer boundaries respected
  • You can have more support for your career, your life goals, your endeavors in the world

Get ready to create a flood of love… reclaim the feeling of fun, passion, soulful connection…  Finally have a workable, simple plan for your relationship and personal success.

On-line Course… Use the Coupon Code FreeConsultfor a 50% discount and a FREE one-on-one consultation with Gladys Marie Clancy Claim Instant Access Here!


Program Contents and Summary

Here are the 7-Sassy Steps to Appreciating Men… R-E-S-P-E-C-T:  

R… Step #1- Refuse Uncomfortable Relationships

  • Allow him to enjoy being a man… Inspire him to want to work for your attention, devotion, and love.  The more time and effort he puts into this, the more value you have in his eyes.
  • Subtly, confidently, (without words) communicate you are more interested in a healthy relationship, than maintaining at all costs, an unhealthy relationship with him.
  • Choose wisely from the beginning or it will not work no matter what you do… Move towards what feels emotionally good, away from what feels bad.

E… Step #2- Examine the Possibilities

  • Remember, happiness is an inside job. Accept that you create your own reality… That is your power!
  • Get clear on what you won’t tolerate, on what you want instead, and why you feel you can’t have it.
  • Understand how the subconscious mind works… Identify your own personal limiting beliefs which are buried and hidden… yet running the show!

 S… Step #3- Stop Feeling Deceived

  • Take charge! Replace negative limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs that match what you want.
  • Create a new agreement with your subconscious about what is possible for you.
  • Drive this new agreement deep into your subconscious so it becomes part of your operating system.

P… Step #4- Put the Freedom of Forgiveness in your Heart

  • Forgiveness does not mean excusing someone’s bad behavior. Forgiveness does mean releasing yourself from the power which this unjust behavior still has over you!
  • You don’t need to know how you will find it in you to forgive… All you need is a little willingness to see yourself as something other than a victim… to see yourself thriving again… instead of just surviving!
  • Recognize that true forgiveness is the realization that there is nothing to forgive.
    • Something happens and you give it meaning!
    • What you need to forgive is the meaning you gave to the situation.
    • As long as you see the person you want to forgive as guilty… then you are still a victim… and you are not yet free.

E… Step #5- Expect Love

  • Expect to walk into a relationship and be loved… respected… adored.
  • Decide in advance what you want him to expect of you… Look at your strong points, your talents, your creative outlets and expect that’s exactly what he wants.
  • Know that your thoughts have power… So, stand guard at the gate of your mind!

 C… Step #6- Communicate Without Pain

  • Healthy conflict defines the problem, defuses defensiveness and lets him save face.
  • Decide which is more important… the relationship or the grievance!
  • Keep him open and engaged during the conversation by leaving out criticism, convincing, complaining. Seek to correct the situation not to change him.  Seek to find common ground.

T… Step #7- Take On Total Intimacy

  • Take care of yourself first… this will give you more emotional generosity to share… And your self-worth will give you more value in his eyes.
  • Boys grow up learning to suck it up… People say, “You are fine.”  But they are not fine… And then you come along and touch him emotionally.  Suddenly he experiences a safe space for his own feelings.  He wants more.
  • Appreciation is what every healthy man lives for.  Your happiness is an aphrodisiac for a man.

Whether you want to FIND Mr. Right, IMPROVE your current relationship, or KEEP the flame of a great connection burning for years to come… these steps will make:

  • Your path smoother, more fun
  • Your outcomes more certain, more predictable
  • Your influence more dynamic

On-line Course… Use the Coupon Code FreeConsultfor a 50% discount and a FREE one-on-one consultation with Gladys Marie Clancy Claim Instant Access Here!


About Gladys Marie:

For over 35 years, Gladys has been committed to promoting happy relationships and healthy families. Has helped 1,000’s of men, women and children go from frustrated, disillusioned and confused, to living the empowered life they desire.

Spent 8 years working for the US Air Force in Germany, building relationships with commanders and even the general in charge of NATO Operations in Europe… Taught in the inner-city… Developed programs for a psychiatric hospital… Helped people reinvent themselves… Found solutions for persons in financial crisis… Helped people go through divorce with peace and dignity… Helped professionals find, keep and enjoy a happy, healthy relationship. 

Has been seen on the Divorce Connection Network, as well as Plumb Talk Women, been heard on WOW Wednesday Radio-Women’s Prosperity Network, published column in Sibyl Magazine, and done countless workshops which have profoundly changed lives.

Gladys’ simple and “straight to the point” tactics are embraced by women around the world.  The techniques described in this program have helped women find great men and keep them!  They have saved marriages, inspired a new level of commitment, and created pure joy in the relationships of countless women.

With over 35 years of experience under her belt, Gladys has a vast knowledge and an arsenal of relationship-building techniques.  Considered by many to be the expert voice of relationship best practices, she reduces complex issues to step-by-step systems and teaches participants immediately implementable steps… to take in their relationships, and their lives to the next level.

Most importantly, she is sought out because her techniques work!  A true advocate for the power of communication success, Gladys is passionate about helping women become happy and empowered in their relationships.

If you have a question about building a life you can love…or about crisis-proofing the happy life you have, then contact me for a complementary chat. (772) 485-5597


I came knowing I was attracting what I did NOT want, lacking the clarity of why. Working with Gladys helped me uncover the limiting beliefs driving my subconscious behavior and being my point of attraction.  NOW I can replace those thoughts and powerfully create the ideal relationship for me!  I feel empowered… certain and excited to experience true love, passion, and harmony in my romantic relationship. Tasha Chen  Chief Inspiration Officer

“If you are a professional woman searching for the perfect relationship, get this program!”   Nancy Boyle, Palm Beach Chapter President, National Association of Professional Women

“Gladys has broken down the Law of Attraction so that you can finally understand and use the power of Inspired Action at any time.”  Kristen Howe , Law of Attraction Key Magazine-  Manifest Everything Now Series-

“If you want to understand and really appreciate men… and attract that relationship into your life, this is a must program!  Use these principles, to truly live a life you love.”  Stephanie Frank, Best Selling Author, The Accidental Millionaire,

“I work with contractors, definitely a male-energy industry.  After working with Gladys I suddenly had more influence, leadership, and intentional impact in my business as well as home.”  Rose L.,

“Audrey Hepburn said, ‘Nothing is impossible.’ The word itself says, ‘I’m possible!’ Gladys’ program underscores this same belief and shows participants how to make their personal dreams possible right now.”  Linda Claire Puig, CEO, Ready2GoArticles,

“As a Family and Life Coach, I know the devastation which divorce can bring, both emotionally and financially.  The divorce rate has now reached 58%.  Gladys’ program offers real hope to change that statistic.  Gladys is amazing”.  Sue Dockerill, Founder- Life Works Parenting Tools, Director- International Network for Children and Families

“For years I searched and searched for answers trying to find out why I couldn’t have happiness in my life… wondering if something was wrong with me.  I now feel like the fog has lifted.  I am clear about what went wrong.  I feel poised and self-assured, confident in my own ability to choose wisely and equipped to create the life of my dreams with a man.  Alicia C., Salon Owner

“I wanted to find love again.  Yet, men who seemed like Mr. Right at first kept turning into Mr. Wrong!  Over and over, the same untrustworthy guy kept showing up in a different body, with a different name.  Now I am suddenly meeting great guys.”  Lois N., Retired owner of gift shop in Hawaii.

“From my first conversation with Gladys, her wisdom stopped me right in my tracks.  I instantly got a hint of what had to change… I immediately knew I needed her program to move my life forward in the direction I wanted to go.” CeCe Espeut, Photography & Video

“I came out of curiosity about how men think… Yet I left with so much more!  Even my often difficult relationship with my mother, dramatically improved as I applied the concepts in this program.”  Suzanne Lieurance,

“After two marriages and two a terrible divorces, and years of not being able to develop a healthy relationship… I convinced myself that I didn’t want a serious relationship with a man, even though I had no problem attracting men.  I was raised in the old U.S.S.R. and I had no role model for creating real closeness.  Through Sassy Woman’s Guide to Appreciating Men, I gained the awareness I needed.  Then everything shifted!  Suddenly, I am meeting and being introduced to wonderful men.  I had 5 dates in 5 weeks, with 5 great guys!  Choices… Choices!!”  Olga R., Realtor CIPS,

On-line Course… Use the Coupon Code FreeConsultfor a 50% discount and a FREE one-on-one consultation with Gladys Marie Clancy Claim Instant Access Here!