Meet Gladys Marie Clancy

Gladys full body picFor over 35 years, Gladys has been committed to promoting happy relationships and healthy families.  She has helped 1,000’s of men, women and children go from frustrated, disillusioned and confused, to living the empowered life they desire.

Spent 8 years working for the US Air Force in Germany, building relationships with commanders and even the general in charge of NATO Operations in Europe… Taught in the inner-city… Developed programs for a psychiatric hospital… Helped people reinvent themselves… Found solutions for persons in financial crisis… Helped people go through divorce with peace and dignity… Helped professionals find, keep and enjoy a happy, healthy relationship. 

Has been seen on the Divorce Connection Network, as well as Plumb Talk Women, been heard on WOW Wednesday Radio-Women’s Prosperity Network, published column in Sibyl Magazine, and done countless workshops which have profoundly changed lives.

With over 35 years of experience under her belt, Gladys has a vast knowledge and an arsenal of relationship-building techniques.  Considered by many to be the expert voice of relationship best practices, she reduces complex issues to step-by-step systems and teaches participants immediately implementable steps… to take in their relationships, and their lives to the next level.

Most importantly, she is sought out because her techniques work!  A true advocate for the power of communication success, Gladys is passionate about helping women become happy and empowered in their relationships.

Gladys’ simple and “straight to the point” tactics are embraced by women around the world.  The techniques described in this program have helped women find great men and keep them!  They have saved marriages, inspired a new level of commitment, and created pure joy in the relationships of countless women

If you have a question about building a life you can love…or about crisis-proofing the happy life you have, then email or call me for a complementary chat. (772) 485-5597

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