Appreciate men?  Ladies, you may not be feeling it at the moment… yet living a loving relationship allows you to express a whole different side of your humanity; to experience the luxury of a deeper human connection; to immerse yourself in the joy of closeness and comfort.

But you must know, that there is a big difference between finding a date and finding a healthy life partner… and after you find him, knowing how to navigate conflict, build intimacy, and cheat-proof your bond.

You know how to make them listen in the boardroom… but what about at home?

The modern working woman steps into her masculine energy to meet the demands she faces daily. Truth is, your masculine nature can bring professional respect, success, and money… but it won’t bring intimacy and love. Yet you may be afraid to move into a more vulnerable, more playful feminine side because you don’t want to look weak.

Here is today’s Gladitude:

The secret is to integrate your feminine and masculine nature, to reclaim all aspects of yourself. This is:

  • HOW you access your real power
  • WHERE appreciating men becomes possible
  • WHAT is needed to appreciate and love yourself

Want help integrating your masculine and feminine nature?  Want to learn 3 Steps to glide into the Dance of Love?  Click here!



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