“How Do I Live With a Man, Without Pulling Out My Hair?”


Let me introduce Margie, a strong, successful business woman who was ready to give up on her life at home. Margie was feeling disconnected, disrespected, and manipulated. She had become aloof… indifferent as a result of her own resentment, anger, and helplessness to influence change. She couldn’t live like this anymore.

Margie separated from her husband and for months openly expressed how she loathed him. Even though on some level she loved him, her malice led her to call him a mess… a menace to peace in her life!

Finally, Margie sought help.  When she started, Margie was ready to file for divorce… but as her understanding began to grow, she began to see new possibilities for her relationship and her life.  She decided to go back to her husband and give their marriage a sincere try.  

Today Maggie has what she always wanted… tender connection, influence and love!  Her formerly apathetic, grouchy husband is overflowing with passion and enthusiasm, eager to please her.  Their bond has become a bonfire!  

Maggie learned 7 Sassy Woman Steps to Appreciating Men.  Here is a peek at some of what she came to understand:

 R#1- Refuse Uncomfortable Relationships- You have value for a man not because of how much you do for him… but because of how he does for you. The more thought and effort he exercises, the more value you have in his eyes.  So don’t give yourself away piece by piece. Don’t stuff your feelings and hide your hurts.  Authentically express your vulnerability without judgment or criticism… Authentically express your joy and happiness and appreciation.  In other words, your power lies in allowing him to enjoy being a man.  And by all means refuse uncomfortable relationships!

E#2- Examine the Possibilities- Ask yourself… What are you not willing to tolerate any more in your relationships… and what do you want instead?  Why can’t you have this?

S#3- Stop Feeling Deceived- Buried beliefs and unconscious attitudes are keeping you from having what you want… Create a new agreement with your subconscious and drive it deep with affirmations that don’t cause internal conflict.

P #4- Put Forgiveness in Your Heart-  Don’t spend your life dragging around the emotional nightmare of unfortunate, unhappy experiences which creep into your existence. Forgiveness brings freedom. Forgiveness is much more for the forgiver than for the forgiven… And a little willingness is enough to allow forgiveness to enter.

E #5- Expect Love- You can’t physically wrap your arms around love… but you can reach out to another and give it.  You can have boundaries, expectations… and expect to have them respected.  Just remember, what you see is what you look for… and you will see it when you believe it!

C #6- Communicate Without Pain- Conflict is part of every relationship, but you can make your conflicts productive not destructive. Seek to understand, then to be understood.  Seek to better the situation rather than change the person.

 #7- Take-On ToTtal Intimacy- Take care of yourself first!  Then practice the presence of what you want… Claim your voice and use it for intentional impact… Re-awaken you man’s juices… Let your heart be your guide!

Margie is not stopping now!  She continues to act on these 7 Sassy Woman Steps… secrets which revived her wilted, lifeless marriage.


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