Special Programs Available for Universities:

For your next event bring in Gladys Marie Clancy, a powerful, dynamic facilitator who will inspire your students to action. 

Her journey will touch the hearts of your students, both male and female… Her wisdom will challenge their beliefs about what is possible and propel them towards success.

Gladys Marie is an outstanding educator who gets to the root of limiting beliefs which so often create procrastination, doubt, and inactivity.  Through her interactive trainings, she shows students how to overcome fears, stop self-sabotage and win at the game of life!

Her motivating message is exactly what your students need to move past uncertainty and indecision, and get into action that brings positive results.  Your university will get fired-up, productive students with vision and clarity… with an understanding of what they want, where they want to go, and a grasp of how to get there.

More importantly, you’ll see positive results that last long after the training is over.  Armed with greater self-awareness and confidence, your students will become a testament to the overall quality of education available at your university.

Gladys does thorough pre-event research and customizes the program to meet the needs of your students and the objectives of your educational institution.  Her unique and captivating stories lead participants to visually see the deeper, more personal meaning of her message.  Your students will receive a fast-paced, fun, engaging program… packed with usable information on how to achieve more!

Participants will leave energized, filled with confidence and self-reliance.

Gladys Marie is a distinguished educator who has delivered in-service trainings for school systems in the state of Florida and developed a video series televised on a local public TV channel.  She has written articles for state educational periodicals, and published a book teaching educators how to teach their students to think, not just memorize facts.

More recently Gladys Marie has done business trainings, helping entrepreneurs overcome obstacles, gain clarity, and better define their vision, mission and strategies to achieve higher productivity.

Hire Gladys for customized trainings, from a keynote to a full-day workshop.  Give Gladys the opening keynote and ignite the kickoff of your conference, or have her as your closing keynoter and send people out the door inspired to define and achieve their dreams.

Gladys Marie is often booked months in advance, so act now!

Special Programs Available for Universities:

Because of a desire to mentor the next generation, to make their path easier despite the dismal economic developments of the past several years … Gladys has recently completed her three-book series, Find a “Real” Job… Succeed In Business and Life!  

Did you know that 50% of all recent college grads are either unemployed or underemployed?

  • How can you prepare your students for the challenging reality of today’s economy… and give them a real chance to forge a life they can love?
  • How can you protect them from becoming another unfortunate statistic?
  • How can you set your university apart from the masses who never address this challenge?

You can be proactive and bring in Gladys Marie Clancy to help! 

Find a “Real” Job… Succeed In Business and Life!  

PROGRAM #1-  How Do You Gain Clarity, Get Committed, and Capture Your Dreams?

As Oscar Hammerstein wrote, “If you don’t have a dream, you can’t have a dream come true.”  This dynamic, interactive seminar presents students with simple strategies which encourage them to reach deep to what matters most… to get in touch with what they really want and uncover how to have it! 

Through an understanding of how the subconscious mind works, participants learn to identify unhelpful hidden beliefs and eliminate negative programming which so often sabotages realization of their dreams.  They learn how to replace these undesirable images with empowering beliefs.

In this absorbing program participants also acquire powerful techniques which they can immediately implement to help build their desired life, to help achieve actual results… Students will also grasp how an attitude of gratitude shifts dominant habitual thinking, and actually allows good things to enter their experience!

If you want your students to accomplish greater productivity, more success and fulfillment, then this is the program to book. 


PROGRAM #2– How Do You Create Ease in Personal and Professional Relationships?

In this compelling, interactive seminar, students will develop critical thinking skills as they learn how to create ease in professional and personal relationships…

In reality, we do not have a personal life and a business life… we have only one life and it’s all intertwined.  Our feeling of success depends on getting it right in all areas, because ultimately they all intersect.

It begins with your students understanding the importance of taking care of themselves first… of striving for progress not perfection and giving up guilt… of choosing which thoughts to entertain and which to reject.

In this program, students will learn how authentic dialogue and healthy conflict can deepen personal relationships and strengthen professional connections!

Students will come to realize:  how their words affect and infect others… the freedom of forgiveness…how to bounce back from disappointment… how personal perception creates their reality… how to stop being triggered and prevent the tragic effects of resulting fight or flight!

 If you want your students to build a successful life as well as a fruitful career, then this is the program to book!


PROGRAM #3- Why Should You Think Like an Entrepreneur?

Why should you think like an entrepreneur?   Because every successful entrepreneur knows that real happiness, real success can only occur when you connect with your passion… and then turn that passion into productivity and profits by adding value to others!  So how do you do that? 

Students will examine who they need to be in order to create avalanches of abundance… They will learn from the lessons of Ben Franklin, who also had to work on his character and tame his nature in order to achieve.

Every successful entrepreneur also knows… where attention goes, energy flows.  For that reason a success plan is essential for focus and to measure results.

Participants will learn:  how to create a vision, mission, strategies, and timeline for their own success… how to measure progress and make adjustments as needed.

Thinking like an entrepreneur will also help students grasp the needs of the business owner or corporation they hope to work for.  

Students will learn:  how to properly network to land that desired interview… how to properly prepare for that interview in order to avoid a crash and burn conversation… how a surplus of candidates for every possible job, now forces interviewers to ask questions to eliminate people not just uncover their strengths… and how they can prevent being eliminated!

Thinking like an entrepreneur will help your students connect with the unique ways that entrepreneurs measure success. 

Through ideas presented, students will be encouraged to examine the true meaning of success… to think more deeply… to look inside themselves… to discover a more encompassing, personal vision for success.

If you want your students to find their passion, direct their destiny, and express their greatness then this is the program to book!

Investment Schedule:

Keynote Speech- US $2,500- $5,000

Half-day Workshop- US $5,000

Full-day Workshop- US $7,500