Want to fix relationship?  Understand that women create the emotional environment that the relationship takes place in.  When you don’t assume that responsibility, things can quickly spin out of control!  So what does that mean?  

How do you create a healthy, happy environment when he doesn’t want to listen… when he shuts down, or gets angry as you try to make things better? You’ve tried, I know you have!  But:

  • Anger, threats, criticism hasn’t worked
  • Stuffing it, ignoring the problem feels horrible
  • Walking on eggshells to keep him from getting upset is way too exhausting!

So what’s a girl to do?  Time to fix relationship!

Consider this… A dog trainer helps when your dog doesn’t control: 1) peeing on the couch, 2) barking, 3) biting.  How?  By making you a better leader.  Your dog needs boundaries and expectations, and you need to implement standards!

Now I’m not comparing your man to a dog, but I am saying you can step into more effective leadership.  You know how to make them listen in the boardroom; but what about at home when:

1)    Your man doesn’t control how nasty he gets

2)    When he barks reprimands and criticism

3)    When he dishes out biting remarks and hurtful words

It’s time to teach your man how you want him to behave with you.  Yes, you can do this! How?  

Speak in support of yourself and let him save face.   Let me explain with a story.

My niece has delightful and active 3 ½ year old son.  At a recent family gathering, Jimmy got a little out of control and someone called him on it.  He looked surprised and hurt; you could literally see him trying to put the comment in context, to sort out the meaning.

My niece went over, put her son on her back piggy-back style and laughingly said, “You got busted, buddy!”  She let him know his behavior wasn’t OK with her, but he was OK in her eyes.

There was no need to feel guilt or shame… just the need to clean it up, to choose again; to choose a better behavior!  Jimmy laughed too, no need to defend or deny blame. He simply got control of himself and moved on with his day.

  • My wise niece did not let her son define himself as “bad”; she did not try to make him feel ashamed, insecure, unworthy.
  • She showed him that a mistake is not a sin or a character flaw… He just missed the mark and needed to rethink and try again.
  • This of course, will open the way to self-reflective thinking in the future.  In Jimmy’s mind it’s safe to make a mistake, and it feels good to fix it!

In the same way, I don’t mean let your man off the hook for bad behavior, just let him save face!  Speak in support of yourself and allow him to correct his own behavior!

Now, if you are still thinking, “But Gladys, why does he act like such an insensitive jerk?  What can I say to that?”  Want more help to fix relationship? Click here for more answers.

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