I recently got an email from a friend of mine, yearning for her dream job… uncertain where to look, and even more uncertain about making the leap of faith required for having it! 

Like so many people, my friend knows what she doesn’t want, but can’t quite clearly define what she does desire!

Sound familiar?   Well, I have a savvy solution!

It’s real easy to identify what you don’t want, with all the emotion it engulfs, but somehow, it’s much more difficult to articulate what you do want.

Just notice how easily people whine and complain, bemoan and begrudge all the injustices they must endure!   People are seduced by sadness… anchored in anger… stuck, but unwilling to let it go!

After reading, Struggle… The False Premise, I’m sure you can see the danger in that line of thinking!   Negative thoughts create negative vibes… and vibration matches like vibration.

You are constantly giving off a vibe, even if you don’t realize it.  Your circumstances are a perfect match to your vibration, to your thought energy.

Want to know your vibration around your business?  Look at your clients, your employees and your cash box!  Want to know your vibration around marriage?  Look at your relationship with your spouse.  Vibration matches like vibration…. always!   It’s the law.  It is just the way it works.

So, can you see the wisdom in redirecting your attention to what you do want?  You might think about it this way… “I don’t want that!  So, what do I want?”

Those five little words…“So, what do I want?” shift your thinking!  You move from powerless to possibility!  And when you picture what you do want, you move from victim to victorious right there in your mind!

And when you change your mind, you automatically change your vibration and what is drawn to you.  You become a vibrational match to a higher level of experience.

As you change what you expect, what you notice, people show up with a message which helps you to navigate that fork in the road. Unexpected invitations offer ideas that lead to the next stride along the trail.  Coincidences that you would have missed because they were clouded by doubt or obscured by fear, now bring you opportunity!

Doubt and fear are roadblocks which disallow the possibility of your desire reaching you.  The greater the doubt and fear, the smaller the possibility of your desire unfolding. 

Lack of clarity, misplaced focus and out of control, run-away negative thinking, are a big reason for doubt and fear!

Can you see that it makes good sense to place your focus on what you want, on a better perception?  “My phone bill is high.  I must have done a lot of business last month!”  “I’m tired and hungry.  What wonderful lunch can I create to give me energy and pleasure?”

Despite the fact that it is easier said than done, negativity is a habit you need to break!  Negative thinking is a pattern you just can’t afford if you want success, happiness and prosperity.

A mentor of mine once said, “I can’t afford a negative thought!”  He had high aspirations and knew he needed to cultivate a high, personal vibration to match!  He avoided negative people, ideas and his own negative thoughts like the plague!

It may seem easier to train a Bengal Tiger than to train your thoughts, but here is a simple idea that may make it easier.

When you experience something that doesn’t please you or something uncomfortable; when you find yourself thinking, “I don’t want that in my life”, rather than ruminate, immediately shift focus to what you do want!

Literally think, “I don’t want that… So, what do I want?”  Observe what you don’t want.  Then say or write down the opposite emotion, feeling or circumstance.   When you do that, you literally shift your own vibration, and start drawing to you a perfect match to what you aspire!

You move from keeping out what you yearn for, to letting it in!  This has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with seeking thoughts that feel good and picking positive expectations.   It has everything to do with choosing ease over hectic.

So, how do you beat the dangerous habit of hectic?  Find the formula in the next article, entitled, The Dangerous Habit of Hectic.

This article was part-2 in a three part series.  Be sure to read all three parts in sequence and let me know which thoughts intrigued you… what was of value… which ideas will you implement!

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